Tips to Regularly Maintaining Your Drains

The next time a plumber comes to fix your drains, look into the channels, and you’ll find sticky substances. Your home’s plumbing lines are channels that deposit debris, and wastewater into the municipal sewage and wastewater systems. It’s important to protect your health by disposing of wastewater properly.

Usually, after a period of usage bathroom and kitchen drain experience to build up chemicals, oil, and grease. We must not fail to highlight human factors that are responsible for improper waste disposal. Coagulants like soap scum, shampoo, toothpaste, hair particles often clog bathroom drains. More so, oil and grease that run through kitchen drains will solidify and clog the channels over time. Periodic maintenance is required to prevent the hassles that come with clogged drains. Here are some tips to keep your drains free with periodic maintenance so you can one day look into no commission real estate.

Don’t Treat Your Drains like Trash Cans

Your garbage disposal bin is different from bathrooms, toilet and kitchen drain. However, all of them have toxic channels but are not built to handle the same type of waste. More so, the city’s municipal waste system handles different types of disposable residues. You can blog the main septic tank channel by throwing all manner of waste into them.

Weekly Maintenance of Bathtub Drains

It saves money to use a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach for regular maintenance of drains. Every week, take out the pop‐up assembly in the bathroom sink and drains for cleaning. There would always be debris; ensure to put them in the trash before rinsing the stoppers. It’s common to find stubborn debris that might have accumulated on the stoppers of showers or bathtub drains. Use a brush with wire bristles to clear out any debris.

Unlike shower and bathtub drains, kitchen sinks don’t get clogged regularly. However, pouring at least two tablespoons of salt into bathtub drains, and 1⁄2 cup of plain white vinegar will eliminate offensive odor. To get the desired result, don’t flush immediately with water after pouring salt, and vinegar into the drains. Instead, run the drains with hot water after about an hour, and repeat the process for the second time. Use laundry bleach in the absence of plain white vinegar.

Periodic Maintenance of Kitchen Drains

Always keep mesh screens over your kitchen drains, or install a strainer. They help to trap food particles and maintain clog-free drains. Mesh screens for kitchen drains are the simplest, yet most effective clog prevention tools. It’s not easy to prevent oil and grease from running through drains. When you spill some greasy food substances into your drains, allow at least a liter of hot water run down the sink.

The use of bacteriological drain cleaners to ensure clog-free kitchen plumbing is becoming popular. The main reason this 100% biodegradable chemical is preferred is that it’s non‐corrosive. Lye is a chemical in store-bought bacteriological drain cl eaners. When it comes in contact with food or cooking utensils, this active ingredient can harm the eyes and lungs.

It’s better to use safe ingredients to make DIY concoctions that can clear the clogs from kitchen drains. Beware of chemical drain cleaners that are very harsh on the home’s plumbing system. Alternatively, baking soda is an effective drain cleaner, and the juice from lemon/lime will deodorize the stinking drains.

Get Your Blocked Pipes Changed Plumbing Experts

Professional plumbers bring the expertise and tools for deep cleaning of drains and replacement of pipes. However, the drains from your home to the municipal sewage/wastewater systems remain potentially toxic. Always insist on safe disposal methods and replacement of leaking underground pipes to avoid an outbreak of disease. Sanitary products for women and toddler wipes often block toilet pipes because they are not flushable. Unlike kitchen and bathroom drains, large plungers are used to unblock toilet pipes. Follow these tips and tricks so you can one day feel proud to have your property for sale.

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