Renovation Tips on a Budget

DIY home renovating is popular whether you are doing it for a hobby, updating to gain some profit or simply just having a crack at what everyone else is doing. Renovating your home can help with increasing the value of your home as well providing you with a more fresh and modern home. You don’t have to be loaded with cash to renovate there are plenty of renovation ideas available for those even on a budget.

A fresh coat of paint: 

You would be surprised how much of a difference just a coat of paint can do. Paint is quite budget-friendly, and you don’t need too many supplies to get started. Painting is an easy way to transform your home without the need to spend a heap of money.
With a little knowledge and a few tins of paint, you can change the colour and theme of a room without having to spend a fortune hiring professionals or worry about any epoxy coating.

A new finish on your kitchen cabinets:

The kitchen is a high traffic area and is used so many times a day, so it makes it a popular space to renovate and have the room exactly how you want. Putting in new cabinets is costly, but instead, you can simply sand the cabinets back, undercoat and apply a new colour and finish. If you don’t have wood cabinets, you can also get special paint for different surfaces such as glass and laminate.

Rearrange the furniture

Furniture adds to the feel of a room but buying a whole new room of furniture is not only costly but a waste of money if the furniture is still in good condition. Being on a tight budget means there is no allowance for all new furniture, but don’t worry there is another option. Just by simply rearranging your furniture can make the room feel different by putting certain things in different spots.

Replace accessories

When you are looking at remodelling, we often tend to look at the big items to change. Changing small items like your kettle and toaster to a different theme or colour can be done on a budget but without the worry of spending too much money.
Change a few items around on your kitchen countertops to give a new look and feel. Move the cushions from your bedroom to the lounge and the lamp from your desk swap with your bedroom lamp. This will give you a different look and a fresh change without the cost.

The use of artwork

A lot of us have that one big blank wall that is in an awkward spot like a hallway or feature wall. It can be hard to place tables or chairs there as these can be bulky in small spaces. By using artwork, you can liven a wall up and depending on the colours and patterns chosen you can lighten the room up significantly. There is no need for these expensive mirrors and hanging decors some simple, bright artwork can save you money while doing your dull wall a favour.

Storage ideas

Storage can also be an issue in nearly every household. We all like to store things neatly, but most of us have too many toys and accessories. It is a good step to invest in some storage options like wall shelving. You can buy ready to go kits that simply just need to be added to walls or closets, and they are ready to go. There are different colour options to match your décor.

Add new lighting

Lighting is a huge factor when it comes to the ambience of the particular room. Lighting is affordable and quite easy to change. You can add dimmers and motion sensor lighting that are quite stylish. If you don’t want to go that far then just adding new fixtures and shades to the lights can dramatically change the look. Light globes come in various types from warm settings to a bright cooler effect so think about which is more suited to the room you are renovating. For instance, a warm colour is better suited for a bedroom than the brighter options, and the bright coloured globes work well in living places like kitchens and dining rooms.

You can become quite satisfied with a room just from making a few DIY changes that don’t need to break the bank. A few of these tips will help you to accomplish a new feel when working within a budget.

McKinnley James

Author: McKinnley James

Renovations expert for over 15 years and avid blogger.