Interior design trends that will defy ageing

interior trends that defy aging

Interior design trends that will defy ageing

High-end trends can scare interior designers, but consumers love them. They are easy to get a hold of, will impress your friends and are very affordable. We can all believe that we should fill our homes with expensive designs, but most times the wow factor just isn’t there. There is no doubt that trends will fade out but there are quite a few that have already stood up to the test of time.

Soft edges:

Interior designers are happy with the choice of soft edges on furniture as it has the ability to make any room look soft. It is also a good choice for parents with small children as it is safer for little ones than hard-pointed square edges. The classic shape of the soft edges is still seen in modern homes still.

Stone has the ability to match with all themes. Stone works well with the industrial theme, rustic and even super modern. It is very durable and keeps on lasting and lasting. There are so many different styles some covered in different patterns and streaks some are just plain with a natural tone to them. As the stone is a natural resource, this means it will date well. Stone gets used in so many architecture designs for both its beauty and its high durability. Stone is mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens as benchtops and splashbacks.

Adding a Chinese culture

People who style with Japanese designs don’t seem to go wrong. Japanese style is sleek and minimal and well suited to places like living rooms where you want a cosy space yet simple.

Simplicity is the Japanese culture that is all natural and enhances the imperfections. It gives you a lived-in look that used organic textures, natural materials and subtle colours. Our lives are hectic, and our homes end up in chaos Japanese style gets you away from the clutter and unorganised style your home is in most of the time. Japanese style is mainly used in one room or a corner as a personalised space. The style is confident and will remain in style for many more years to come.

Interior design that uses the imagination and is very innovative offers a way to reuse material.  Recycling items to make something new will always be in style as it is unique and offers a feature point in your home. More and more people are becoming worried about global concerns which means more and more people are turning to ways to recycle and reuse. The Japanese style is simple and won’t have you buying items to fill spaces with that you don’t need.

The best way to make sure your home does not go out of ageing is too simply have your own style. We all guilty of following trends at some time in our lives and did we keep to that trend? We certainly didn’t it’s long gone. Don’t spend money and buy things or renovate just to follow trends they come as quickly as they go.
You will find your home is more appealing and cosier when it gets designed by the best interior designer you can find You!


McKinnley James

Author: McKinnley James

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