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For some, we cannot wait for the summertime to arrive. If you want to create a coastal interior, then here are some decorating inspiration and how you bring it inside your home. It is easy to fall in love with the coastal style. Some people live near the beach and want to incorporate it inside their home to, and some live far from a beach but still want to have some of the beaches with them always. The coastal style represents a breezy, easy living lifestyle and don’t we all want that?

From French doors to high ceilings with timber-lined walls with freshly painted architectural details and natural fabrics.

Indoor and outdoor flow

Sliding and stacked doors or whatever you choose, make sure they open wide and extend outwards to allow plenty of light and fresh air to flow in. You want the surfaces that transition from the indoors to the outside to be kept simple and have plenty of natural light.

Weathered timber details

A little texture has the power to go a long way when it comes to decorating ideas that help to achieve the coastal living theme. Pair weathered timber details with sea glass colours and light blue tones to help create a seaside sentiment.

Style with shells and handmade homewares

Your living room is the perfect place to experiment with the coastal style. You can use your coffee table or side table as a canvas to start your coastal vignette with the natural decorating features. Style with driftwood sculptures, woven textiles and natural branches.

Outdoor shower

It is time to go beyond the beach theme. In any coastal style home, an outdoor shower is a must-have. It is true that nothing sounds like a holiday than relaxing in an outdoor shower. Take the pressure off the shower inside and bring in an outdoor shower.

Nautical touches

Now here we think classic instead of cliché when we are talking décor. The nautical touches have a modern look when they are combined with all white paintwork within your home. Try and keep to neutral tones in the key coastal furniture pieces which will help to maintain the uncluttered overall result.

Interior styling ideas

All white encourages natural light

An all-white home will tick all the boxes on the beach house decorating list. Clean and crisp with white furnishings in the cabinetry and walls will allow the natural light to bounce off the surfaces and into the other living areas of the home.

Keep it simple

Plan your layout with the coastal interior design and a similar lifestyle in mind. If you are a busy family that tends to come and often go then you need a space to relax together. Go for a large room with modular furniture that offers plenty of flexibility.

Sofas with removable slipcovers

If you want the best beach house furniture solution, then you need to invest in a sofa that has a removable cover. It is time to take the hard work out of cleaning your sofa. Simply pull off and wash. Slipcovers can be changed up with colour to match the season.

It is quite easy and affordable to bring the coastal vibe into your home and if you think you cant work it all out then hire a professional interior designer that specialises in the coastal vibe to give you advice and information on where to purchase what you need to create the beach in your own home.

McKinnley James

Author: McKinnley James

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